Thomas de Franzoni

About Thomasdefranzoni

My name is Thomas de Franzoni, I am an Italian fine art photographer based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Photography is my passion and part of my life. I am constantly trying to improve and understand the world of photography even better.

I am an outdoor type of person and I am spending most of my leisure activities in nature. I consider myself a landscape photographer, searching for those special moments that transmit emotions to me.

I love to compose my shots in a minimalism way. My main goal is to get simple compositions but in a very atmospheric and moody situation. When I succeed, I am very satisfied. Usually I take few photos when I am on the field; I just scout the area and wait for the right moment. When I sit in front of my PC, I already know what to do with post processing because previously I visualized the ended photo. The picture that has a particular mood and a story behind is what I love most.

I have always been dedicated to finding my own style in processing photos, as I believe it is essential to give an atmosphere and my own taste to what I capture with the camera.